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Published: 10th February 2010
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In the past 10 years, I have tried every self tanner product on the market and I was never happy with the results. Mostly, I was unhappy with the color of the self tanners on my skin and would be too embarrassed to wear shorts. Just like everybody else, I want bronzed, naturally tanned skin, especially during the warmer months of spring and summer, without the harmful effects of the sun. Now, more than ever, we know that if you expose yourself, without protection, to the sun, you are not only taking the risk of getting skin cancer, but you WILL prematurely age your skin, there is no doubt about it. Who wants to look 50 when they are 30? Not me. And once this happens, there is no turning back, your skin is destroyed for good.

When I used a self-tanner in the past, I found that my skin had more of an orange look to it rather than a sun-kissed bronze. I also found that after the lotions started to take effect, there was always a bad odor that came from my skin and it really bothered me. So after I tried every product at my local drug store with unhappy results, I decided to search further. I went online and did some research.

What I found, without a doubt, was that you must use a product that is made of natural ingredients and there aren't many out there. Some examples of these natural ingredients are as follows: purified water, walnut extract, glycerin, green tea extract, mallow extract, ivy extract, cucumber extract, sambucus extract, arnica extract, pellitory extract, sugar can extract, citrus extract, apple extract and carmel. When you put unnatural chemicals on your skin, you are going to have an unnatural tan and it is going to smell unpleasant. It is that simple. You must use a natural product.

Finding a self tanner like no other is a tough job because you want to be happy with the results. Everybody wants a truly believable tan in 1-3 hours, moisture-rich and order-free. A self-tanner that features hydrating plant extracts, tan-enhancing natural AHA's and antioxidant green tea to prolong the life of the tan for up to a week. It also important that it absorbs quickly and leaves the skin silky. The self-tanner needs to be sweatproof, rubproof and won't wipe off after your tan develops. In addition to all that, it is important that it has been recommended by a dermatologist and tested repeatedly.

Sound too good to be true? It's not. Natural ingredients is the way to go and gives you the results that you want. Happy tanning!!

Written By: Cristina Pierce

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tannerguide10 on September 5, 2011 said:
The use of natural self tanning items is beneficial more than the synthetic ones.
Self tanning info on September 5, 2011 said:
Some products may contain chemicals such as Dihydroxyacetone or erythrulose which may cause contact dermatitis in some individuals so be careful with any process like this, if you have any worries contact your doctor.
Sophie on September 9, 2011 said:
Sometimes when using self tan if you apply it without hands and no gloves or mittens it is possible you could have extremely dark hands, particularly in between your fingers. It can also be tough to make sure that your tan is even and not streaky with self tan. Even the best self tan can look embarresing if you do not apply it properly and evenly. As this self-tan is natural it is unlikely that you will be allergic to the ingredients, however check them before use and perhaps test a small area before using it all over.

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