The Best Self Tanner Bronzer Available

Published: 16th July 2009
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In the past 10 years, I have tried every self tanner product on the market and I was never happy with the results, until now. Just like everybody else, I want bronzed, naturally tanned skin, especially during the warmer months of spring and summer, without the harmful effects of the sun. Now, more than ever, we know for sure that if you sun yourself, especially without at least an SPF 30 protectant, you not only risking getting skin cancer, but you WILL prematurely age your skin, there is no doubt about it. Who wants to look 50 when they are 30? Or 60 when you are 40? Not me.

When I used a self-tanner, I found that my skin had more of an orange look to it rather than brown. I also found that after the lotions started to take effect, there was always a bad smell that came from my skin. So after I tried every product from Estee Lauder to Neutrogena at my local drug store with unhappy results, I decided to search further. I went online and found a bunch more companies making promises just like the products I had already tried, so I continued to search.

Then, I found it! I had found a product unlike no other. This product develops a truly believable tan in 1-3 hours and is a moisture-rich, order-free lotion. This self-tanner features hydrating plant extracts, tan-enhancing natural AHA's and antioxidant green tea to prolong the life of your tan for up to a week. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin silky. This self-tanner is sweatproof, rubproof and won't wipe off after your tan develops. In addition to all that, it has been recommended by dermatologists as the safest way to tan.

The best part about this self-tanner is it is all natural. Some examples of the ingredients are as follows: purified water, walnut extract, glycerin, green tea extract, mallow extract, ivy extract, cucumber extract, sambucus extract, arnica extract, pellitory extract, sugar can extract, citrus extract, apple extract, caramel and fragrance.

Sound too good to be true? It's not because I have tried it and it works in every way mentioned above. I love this product so much that I use it 2 days a week on my face all year round and it not only tans my skin, but moisturizes it beautifully. It comes in a 4oz bottle and lasts for quite some time, depending on how often you tan.

This product is made by a company called Forlovede and it is called Deep Radiance Self-Tan and it is available in light to medium and medium to dark. I also found it offered on a website at the lowest price available with free shipping, this website link is below and it will bring you directly to the product itself. It is selling quickly, so don't miss out.

I hope you love it as much as I do!!

The link to the best self-tanner-light to medium color:

The link to the best self-tanner-medium to dark color:

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